Student Performance Standards

02.0 Manage the photographic business–The student will be able to:

02.01 Apply communication skills.

02.02 Apply human relation skills.

02.03 Set rates for photographic work.

02.04 Maintain shop records and files.

02.05 Develop effective advertising.

02.06 Maintain presentational portfolio.

03.0 Demonstrate mathematics knowledge and skills–The students will be able to: AF3.0

03.01 Demonstrate knowledge of arithmetic operations. AF3.2

03.02 Analyze and apply data and measurements to solve problems and interpret

documents. AF3.4

03.03 Construct charts/tables/graphs using functions and data. AF3.5

04.0 Demonstrate science knowledge and skills–The students will be able to: AF4.0

04.01 Discuss the role of creativity in constructing scientific questions, methods and

explanations. AF4.1

04.02 Formulate scientifically investigable questions, construct investigations, collect

and evaluate data, and develop scientific recommendations based on findings.


05.0 Use oral and written communication skills in creating, expressing and interpreting

information and ideas–The students will be able to:

05.01 Select and employ appropriate communication concepts and strategies to

enhance oral and written communication in the workplace. CM1.0

05.02 Locate, organize and reference written information from various sources. CM3.0

05.03 Design, develop and deliver formal and informal presentations using appropriate

media to engage and inform diverse audiences. CM5.0

05.04 Interpret verbal and nonverbal cues/behaviors that enhance communication.


05.05 Apply active listening skills to obtain and clarify information. CM7.0

05.06 Develop and interpret tables and charts to support written and oral

communications. CM8.0

05.07 Exhibit public relations skills that aid in achieving customer satisfaction. CM10.0

06.0 Demonstrate language arts knowledge and skills–The students will be able to: AF2.0

06.01 Locate, comprehend and evaluate key elements of oral and written information.


06.02 Draft, revise, and edit written documents using correct grammar, punctuation and

vocabulary. AF2.5

06.03 Present information formally and informally for specific purposes and audiences.


07.0 Solve problems using critical thinking skills, creativity and innovation–The students will

be able to:

07.01 Employ critical thinking skills independently and in teams to solve problems and

make decisions. PS1.0

07.02 Employ critical thinking and interpersonal skills to resolve conflicts. PS2.0

07.03 Identify and document workplace performance goals and monitor progress

toward those goals. PS3.0

07.04 Conduct technical research to gather information necessary for decision-making.


08.0 Demonstrate the importance of health, safety, and environmental management systems

in organizations and their importance to organizational performance and regulatory

compliance–The students will be able to:

08.01 Describe personal and jobsite safety rules and regulations that maintain safe and

healthy work environments. SHE1.0

08.02 Explain emergency procedures to follow in response to workplace accidents.

08.03 Create a disaster and/or emergency response plan. SHE2.0