By Kaila Heard
Ray Parris founded the non-profit, Parafruit Education, to teach children how to win at business. On Thursday, July 12th, 15 campers ranging from first through ninth graders, presented their business plans to a panel of judges to determine whose idea was best.
The competition was the culmination of Parafruit Education’s seven week youth summer camp. For the last five years, the camp, which accepts first through ninth graders, has taught its students the various aspects of starting and maintaing a business. Campers also took field trips to local businesses and received lectures from business owners to learn first hand the hardships and joys of being an entrepreneur.
This year’s business competition winner included Maryum Salim whose art and graphics idea won for best overall business plan and Rayhana Parris who presented the best 30 second pitch for her idea for a recycling center business. When asked why she came up with the business idea, Parris responded “Because it helps the Earth and I want it to stay clean.” Meanwhile, Rickey Wright, Yasin Parris, and Khalid Salim placed first, second, and third respectively in the chess competition.