Final Report

  • Unit 1-4 Assessments must be completed, links can be found at
  • Post & Summative Assessments, links can be found at
  • Alumni Registration, Please be sure students create a LinkedIn Profile first and second create an alumni profile
  • Bring final NFTE class rosters to the May 4th Semi-Finals, or email it in advance
  • PLEASE HAVE 1-5 BUSINESSES APPLY FOR STARTUP SUMMER, THE APPLICATION CAN BE FOUND AT WWW.STARTUPSUMMERSFL.COMPlease feel free and submit your students name and contact info in advance, to allow us to save them a space in advance. Students will receive $1000 for attending and $500 to start their business and best of all a Laptop!!!!!
Here’s the fastest way to get your students enrolled as alumni (<20 min):
  • Step 0:  If your students don’t already have a good personal email address, here is a great activity-handout we made to help your students create a professional-looking, non-school email address
  • Step 1:  Have your students navigate to, click on ‘Request Invitation’, and fill out the form.  (Your students will automatically receive an invitation email from
  • Step 2:  Have your students navigate to and create a LinkedIn account.  (LinkedIn credentials are required to log into the NFTE Alumni Network.)
  • Step 3:  Have your students open their NFTE-Alumni-Network-invitation email from and click the ‘login’ button in the email.  (A browser window will open that asks them to log in to the NFTE Alumni Network using their LinkedIn credentials.)
That’s it!  Your students are now the connected to powerful network of NFTE partners and alumni!
Here’s the full information & details to help you customize how your students build their professional brand:
You can choose the best way of getting your students enrolled as NFTE Alumni based upon how much class time you have available.  You could do anything, ranging…
–          from the minimum steps in as little as 15 minutes,
–          to the full deep dive in 4+ hours. 
The Alumni Enrollment Guide lays out all the options and details, along with a user guide and links to all the presentations/activities/handouts.  It can be found on NFTE Connect or also right here: