Good caption writing

Good caption writing

  • first three to five words grab attention and link photo and rest of caption
  • include 5 w’s and H
  • use adjectives and adverbs
  • action before, during the photos and the event
  • use strong, visual, specific nouns
  • use colorful, livley, vital action verbs
  • write in present tense, active voice
  • use complete sentences
  • use complete names
  • interview teachers, sponsors, officers, coaches and other sources
  • captions should be at least two sentences long-the first sentence is written in present tense and describes the activity occurring in the photograph and the second sentence is written in past tense and provides background information relating to the photo

The dont’s of caption writing

  • don’t begin with name leads or overuse the same lead pattern
  • don’t begin with label leads
  • don’t state the obvious-well written captions provide information which the reader would not otherwise know without reading the caption
  • avoid excessive use of verbals (-ing words)
  • don’t use “during” as lead
  • don’t use “pictured above,” “shown above,” “seems to,” “attempts to”
  • avoid use of to be verb (is, as, was, were)

Special caption in sports

  • identify both the school’s players and opponents by jersey number and name
  • stating position of player adds depth to the description of the action
  • consider those players which lead up to the action shot
  • tell result of the play or outcome of the game