Photoshop Review Questions

Photoshop Review Questions  must be answered and turned in for a grade by the end of the week.

1. What are the 5 main parts of Adobe Photoshop?
2. Where are the Panels/Palettes?
3. Where are the tools located?
4. Where is the document size and zoom located?
5. What is the application bar?
6. What is the workspace?
7. How do you open a document?
8. What are the important characteristics of a new document?
9. How do you scale an image to print?
10.  How do you save an image to PDF?
11. How to select an image?


12. What is the difference between a Quick selection tool and a Magic Wand?
13. How do you copy and paste and image?
14. How do you transform an image?
15. What are the key characteristics of the Image main menu tab?
Auto Color
Image Size
Canvas Size

16. How do select the inverse of an image?
17. How do you save that selection?
18. How do you load that selection?
19. What is a non destructive mask?
20. How do you sharpen edges?
21. How do you apply a Surface Blur Filter?
22. How do you convert an image to a Smart Object?
23. How do you View the image in print size View?
24. How do you display the rulers?
25. How do you display the guides?
26. How do you save the current list of panels? Or Workspace?
27. Use the eraser tool and erase only the words of the sign
28. How do you lighten an image with a tool?
29. How do you use the gradient tool?
30. How to you scale a TEXT?
31. How do you write on an image?
32. How do you erase the red out of a pictures eye?
33. How to you apply a solid fill?
34. How do you group layers?
35. How to you apply a new layer?
36. What is the Sunspot Style?