AP 3rd 9 Weeks

Week 1-9
Independent Concentration / One Completed Work of Art Due at the end of the week.Concentration Portfolio Requirements (12 works of Art)
In the second semester, students will focus on their Concentration portion, which means they will investigate one subject, idea or theme that has personal interest to develop a body of work. Before they begin, they will have completed Think Sheets 1,2,3,4 and 5 to aid in developing theirConcentration.Example Concentration: Click to View
Each student will then write a “Commentary” describing the central idea for their concentration and when the photographic works are completed, the student will describe in writing how this idea has been demonstrated using the Design Principles and Elements of Art.Artistic Integrity
Students are not to copy published photographs. These are the property of other artists and may be used only for reference. A published image may be altered in such a way that it becomes the basis for a new idea if it does not closely resemble the original image.Sample Concentration Topics
• An exploration of patterns and designs found in nature and/or culture

• A series of work that begins with representational interpretations and evolves into abstraction

• A series of landscapes based upon personal experience of a particular place in which composition and light are used to intensify artistic expression

• Abstractions developed from cells and other microscopic images or other close-ups of objects

• Interpretive portraiture or figure studies that emphasize dramatic composition or abstraction

• A personal or family history communicated through symbols or imagery

• A visual representation of a theme such as identity crisis, abandonment, or exposure etc.


 Week 1 Pop Art Lesson

Objective: Students will research a pop artist that demonstrate
the culture of pop art in their art work. 1 page type essay with sample art of the artist work to share in class.

Week 2  Cubism/Collage
Explore Space/perspective/cubism and college. Research Pablo Picasso and cubism theory. Also Research Romare Bearden and his works for Collage.

Then with photoshop and/or flatbed Scanner, layer and collage parts of one or more of YOUR photos to create one cubistic image. BE CREATIVE!!!
OR Using photoshop, flatbed scanner or with clever means as in Freddy Osario’s work)–layer/ cut /blend parts of more than one photo to create a collage image. BE CREATIVE!!!

Week 3- Contemporary Old Master’s Work
Change up an old master’s work into a modern/contemporary setting or form using photoshop.
(you can use famous artist’s work who are dead) and combine with your own photos.

Week 4- Seven Deadly Sins (3-4 Series Art work)
Choose one of the “seven deadly sins” (look up for definitions) and create an image that interprets it. Photoshop probably necessary, but optional. BE CREATIVE!!!



You will choose (5) of your best images to print. They can be related or not, can be from the concentration, breadth, both or neither. Then mount them with matt boards provided by teacher and label properly.

Online submission