4th Nine Weeks

Week 1 Resources

Students will use the below resources to create a underwater surreal composition that depicts themselves in the composite.

  • Use images below
  • Create page size in Adobe PhotoShop 8″x11″
  • Resolution 150 DPI
  • Take self-portrait today
  • You will be graded on NOTES. (Write down steps and techniques used to create your composition)

Due date 2-3 days.

Once completed please upload to Edmodo.com for grade.

Week 2-3

Value 4 grades

I am poem project.

Student will use the I am Poem template to create a visual imagery of their personality.


  1. Write your poem using the template.
  2. Take pictures and download online images that express a connection to your poem.
  3. Work along with another classmate to create a video montage that includes image, video, text and live words.
  4. Use iMovie to edit your video

Part 2

Students will create a photoShop composition that uses the I Am Poem sheet as a guide to create their layout.

1. Your layout should be organized

2. Demonstrate a unified theme

3. Include an image of your self. This must be taken to show a connection to your I am Poem.

4. Size 8.5 x 11

5. Resolution 150 DPI

Example I Am Poem photoshop works




Week 3

Files needed for this assignment  Download Water_Splatter_Brushes

Week 4-5