3rd Grade Level Reading

3rd Grade Level Reading

The Children's Trust Reading Reading to LEarn Campaign

Statewide, 56 percent of third-graders passed the reading and 58 percent passed the math.

How do you feel about The Read to Learn action plan presented by The Children ‘s Trust in the 3 Key Areas.

1. Kindergarten Readiness- Early Learning age 0-5
2. Chronic Absenteeism- Missing School Days
3. Summer Learning Loss- No Learning in the Summer Vacation.

What role can parents play in helping their child advance in the above three key areas? 
Are their other factors that hinder parents from supporting the above three key areas?

Supporting Articles Below:

About 9,000 South Florida third-graders are at risk of being held back because they failed Florida’s reading exam, according to results released Thursday by the state Department of Education. That includes some 3,500 students in Broward County Public Schools and more than 5,600 students in Miami-Dade.The closely watched FCAT scores are critical. Besides third-grade promotions, the results influence the state-issued letter grades for schools and teacher evaluations.


Education is the engine of progress and prosperity.  No nation can achieve its potential for greatness without investing in its human capital.  The extent to which children successfully negotiate the treacherous passage to adulthood depends on the earliest years of brain and emotional development.  That explains why early childhood education is crucial to society. America’s current public policy regarding at-risk children is an economic and moral failure:

“We reject community investment programs (implemented today by nearly all developed countries) that stress preventing the creation of at-risk children.  Instead we assume colossal costs of corrective measures that mostly fail regardless of how earnestly they are pursued.”
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SCHOOL SCORESLook up how your school did in our FCAT scores database.
For more information, visit the Florida Department of Education’s website for parents.

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