Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp 2020

With 23 years of teaching, Parafruit Education is an investment in your child’s future. Whether they’re 7, 19, or somewhere in between, we’ve design and online system to guide them from total beginner to college-bound. Summer tuition includes unparalleled access to real professional in the industry, expert educators, and exclusive tools for their long-term success.

Building a Passion = Skill certification=Employment

Your child can dive in to the best tech courses built around tools from Adobe, Video Games, Robotics and more. They’ll hone their skills, create an impressive final project/portfolio, then take home their official iD Diploma complete with instructor insights.

Online classes will start once you register

The online cost is $50 a Month. On a daily average, the cost is $1.60 a day for 30 days. That is the cost of a classic hamburger. Investing in your child’s creative talent is worth the time that will save you in the long run.

Game Design is an online community that teaches kids how to design their own games!

Designing games builds:

  • Systems Thinking,
  • 21st Century Skills,
  • Creative Problem Solving,
  • Art and Aesthetics,
  • Writing and Storytelling,
  • and creates a motivation for STEMlearning.


Summer Camp Application

Join of 2020


Code a game or app, experiment and discover the secrets of game design.


Video Game

Create worlds, mod your favorite titles, design 3D levels, and learn the cycle of game production.

GAME Design


Produce and stream videos, edit photos, create digital music, design 3D models, and college ready portfolio.



Bring robots to life with code, and build unique concepts  into autonomous driving bots.