Duel Enrollment FIU Syllabus

Course Overview

This course differs from other business courses as it focuses on the initial stages of Business. While we cannot avoid discussion and analyses of some issues covered in other courses, we will emphasize Business Management with an eye on strategy, entrepreneurship, management of knowledge, technology, innovation, leadership, and teamwork. The course uses case studies from all over the world and includes several best practice readings in high tech, strategy, entrepreneurship, management of knowledge, technology, innovation, leadership, and teamwork related to Business.

This course is based on two principles for effective learning: (1) activity-based learning and (2) team-based learning. Students in this course are required to actively develop solutions during the session weekly Schedule and will develop these solutions either as individual and/or team. Some individual and/or team work will be peer evaluated by students and team members of this class, and individual grades will be impacted by these peer evaluations. The course requires a high level of student preparation in order for students to succeed.

Emphasis is placed on developing a Digital Media business plan (APP, Game, Animation, Photography and Video, and Digital Print, etc. The intention of this course is to prepare students to be successful both personally and professionally in information-based society by adopting an Entrepreneur Mindset and business ownership. Digital Media Technology includes the exploration and use of: databases, the internet, spreadsheets, presentation applications, management of personal information and email, word processing and document manipulation, HTML, digital design, Adobe Suite CC, 3-D Animation, Game Design, web page design, and the integration of these programs using software that meets industry standards

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