InDesign Layout Start Guide

Objective: Students will use the teacher demo to begin working on the InDesign Layout.

ALL InDesign Notes will be due in two days.

Video 1 Setup Document

Video 2 Frame Layout using the Scamp example

Video 3 Insert Images in Frames



Create a Scamp, Designing For My InDesign Composition – Ep3/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]

  1. Scamp– _____________________________. It is a design stage of __________ a strong layout.

Document SetUp In Adobe InDesign – Ep4/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]

  1. Create a New Document– Open InDesign then __________________
  2. New Document you set up  ____, ____, _____, _____, ____, ____, ____, _____, _____ and _____.
  3. Remember InDesign starts it in _______, that is where you see _____________options.
  4. W-preview mode only show _________________.
  5. Bleed, Gutter, Column, Paste Board Area,  See Image below.Indesign Layout Page guide








Pages Panel

Show the pages, you can arrange pages. Turn OFF _________ option can be changed in the doc. setup. If you want to change the layout of the page you must go in the ________________ the Allow Document Pages to Shuffle. When moving the pages you would see a _____ line to snap in place.


Laying Out Frame Box’s In Adobe InDesign – Ep7/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]



  • In InDesign all compositions has texts and images tables which are contained in ___________ . You must reference your ______ drawing.
  • Draw frames by using the _____________ tool.
  • Keep in mind that every time you draw a _________________________ previous box.
  • To Select Frames Behind: _______________________


Managing / Formatting Text & Tables in Adobe InDesign – Ep8/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]


In lesson I will be working with text and placing a table in Adobe InDesign, I will be demonstrating how to introduce plain text into a composition from a text document, and format the text to fit the design.


The text tool click inside the frame becomes a Text box. When placing text in a text box and the will text overlap. A red box at the end of the text ___________________ the other text cannot be seen. Click on the red box and a ____________. Click it and then place the text box and the text from the textbox _____________________.


Text meet the end of the text box. This hyphenates the text ____________________. To Fix selected text then click in the _____________ (turn off) hyphenation.

Character Styles- This _____________________________________ your page.

Select all text> New Character Styles> _______________down>Name it> Basic Character Style> Click Ok

ALL CAPS option is located in the ______________________.

Line Break
Paragraph Break– click at the end ____________________.

Text line Justify- _________

Quick way to copy text style you can highlight the text and use the __________ tool and click on the
text and it will change the text ______________.

A quick way to make your text box snap to the text box all you have to use is the selection tool and click on the bottom textbox anchor and it will snap

To Duplicate a frame or text box you can Press & Hold __________________.

Creating a Table- With text tool click inside the frame> Then go into the _____________>
Insert Tabel> Enter the values (Column and rows). Then go back to your text document and __________________> remember that the font must be selected on your design to be paste. Edit your font to match the format of the page.Use table align to format text.

To create space> go to windows>__________> Select all row> set top and bottom>

Placing Images Into Adobe InDesign – Ep9/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]

In this tutorial I will be working with images in Adobe InDesign, I will be demonstrating how to place images into InDesign and work with them in a composition.

To change the display on the screen you would need to go to _____>Display Performance> then select the option you would want. I use Typical View

To place an image click on the frame> File>____>Navigate to folder and select the image for the frame. To edit the image inside the frame is to ____________ then you can edit it. The red outline appears. or Select the direct selection tool (White pointer)

Hold shift to scale document. Trick: Press & Hold Shift,Alt,Ctrl +Press E. It will scale right away in the frame.

Another way to place an image can be done like. ___________> pick the image> then add the image and drag and place

Another way to place an image can be done like. ___________> pick the image/frame> then add the image can click once. It will give you the full image of the image. Now you will have to scale the image and the frame box together.

Scale Tool ( S) Then click on the corner to scale the image. Use _____ to scale

Another way is to select multiple images. Select 4 images> ________________ into the frame.

To align image frame use the align option in the control panel that will help.
You can format one, duplicate that image and then replace Command D and place the new images which will maintain the frame.



Objects, Colour & Effects In Adobe InDesign – Ep11/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]

In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how to introduce objects, Colour and Effects into my Adobe InDesign project.