Mole Game

12.0 Demonstrate understanding of html / CSS- the students will be able to
14.02   and 12.01 Interpret coding …

 Accommodation:  ELL Strategies:  Slides, Modeling, Grouping


  • Employ abstraction to manage and interpret complexity in programs and codes. Implement procedures and variables with code.
  • Modify an app to use procedures and variables.


•Procedures in MoleMash are: (1) MoveMole and (2) UpdateScore
•How many instructions do you think are in procedure MoveMole?
•How many instructions are in procedure UpdateScore?
•Hint: Each block in App Inventor counts as 1 instruction
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37 main TOY Mole Mash Day 2_Slides.pptx
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Share your Mole Game and business Idea to the class.