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It’s Game On in Ray Parris’s Gaming and Simulation class at Hialeah Miami Lakes High School. And today there is a ton of creativity at play.

“We are working on our video game and engineering projects, its called ‘Build, Measure, Learn’. You have a lot of the energy going on as far as building the robots and video games.” said Parris

These kids are also creating apps, that help people live healthier lives and even report crimes.

“The app that I created is a crime reducing app, it can be used for police cases and to help solve crimes.” said Abigail Williams, one of Mr. Parris’s students.

 So give it up for Ray Parris. He’s a finalist for teacher of the year among all Miami Dade County Public Schools. He’s our Super Teacher of the Week and he’s the recipient of two passes to Universal Orlando Resort.


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Congratulations to the first NFTE Model Teacher Challenge winner, Ray Parris, CTE teacher from Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High School. Ray Parris is an HML Digital Media teacher. The Model Teacher Challenge, a highly competitive challenge issued to educators across the U.S. who teach NFTE’s entrepreneurship courses to middle school and high school students. The winner was announced at NFTE’s Entrepreneurial Teacher Summit, held July 8-12 in Philadelphia, PA. Parris received a $20,000 cash prize and his school received another $5,000 to fund resources that support entrepreneurship education.




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Parris Vision

Mr. Parris demonstrates a clinical eye when working with students.  His ability to motivate students to activate their creative spirit is one of his greatest strengths.  This year Mr. Parris was recognized as Miami Dade County NFTE Model Teacher. He also went on to compete and win on a National Level, amongst 150 teachers across the United States. Mr. Parris also has a digital background in web development, business and graphics design, which fosters a digital platform for 21st century learners.  In addition, his positive attitude towards teaching entrepreneurship, digital media, robotics and APP development continues to blossom in the young minds of his students.  Not only is Mr. Parris passionate about teaching, but also his commitment to continue working in his community and business truly defines the core of Mr. Parris heart as a teacher. The School Board of Miami Dade County gave Mr. Parris a Proclamation for his passion to teaching financial literacy, creative technology in reading and math, animation, photography and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Parris’ dedication to HML has not falter.  The fact of the matter is that he has demonstrated a clear understanding of the vision and mission of HML as it relates commitment. It is for this reason that leads him to be a key candidate for the HML family. Understanding the value of HML students as the first and most important client define our priority as educators.  As a teacher, I have found that students want to be challenged with new and innovative technological ideas. 

Real world experience defines Mr. Parris in two categories, business and community involvement.  Mr. Parris has been an educator and community entrepreneur for the arts and business with more than 22 years of effective and creative teaching strategies and business skills within multimedia, APP development (Start Up Tech), web/graphic design, cinematography, entrepreneurship and fine arts.  Mr. Parris’s aka “Make Moves” has a proven passion in promoting art and entrepreneur skills in improving student’s artistic and financial literacy achievement in schools and communities.  This ability is credited to his personal business (www.parafruit.com).  Mr. Parris brings a wealth of real world experience into the classroom by allowing his students the experience to ask real questions to clients in the business world.  A think and share strategy amongst guest clients allows students to get real feedback on business ideas within the classroom.  With his connection, Mr. Parris real world business experience engages young entrepreneurs to be successful in their business venture.  

In conclusion, my commitment to HML values has successfully empowered me to reach my students, as well as other teachers in my field. With this experience, I believe that my wealth of knowledge can truly be an asset to teachers in my district, students and community.

As teachers, we must find ways to spark innovation and affect change.  STEM education is critical to the 21st century classroom and I am passionate about providing students with a multitude of ways to learn traditional concepts through new lenses.  One of the greatest strengths of STEM is its ability to reduce racial and gender gaps that have been present in traditional math and science fields. I have devoted much of my time encouraging all students, in particular those from underrepresented groups, to participate in STEM classes and activities.  Exposure to STEM has led many of my former students to pursue occupations in this field.  I am filled with pride when I hear from former students who have careers with Fortune 500 companies. Consequently, once students are equipped with a technological skillset and a growth mindset, we can create change in a rapidly changing economy. My goal is to bridge communities to have access to future opportunities in STEM. Technical literacy and access needs to be a reality in underserved schools and communities. With the advancement of technology, the digital divide cannot be overlooked. As educators, we are distributing the power of information that must be delivered in a creative and innovative way. Through STEM, we can ignite our students to be entrepreneurs and build a mindset from passive consumers to active innovators and change agents for the 21st century. My message is simple: ignite students’ creativity through STEM, and they can be productive global citizens.