Ray Parris Bio


An educator and community entrepreneur for the arts and business with more than 15 years of effective and creative teaching strategies within multimedia, graphic design, cinematography, entrepreneurship and fine arts. Mr. Parris’s aka “Make Moves” has a proven passion in promoting art and entrepreneur skills in improving student’s artistic and financial literacy achievement in schools and communities.  Parafruit Education is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization established for students to develop skills in multi-media, fine arts, literacy, and entrepreneurial life skills. The program was design by Ray Parris, a father of 6 kids, an artist, teacher, and entrepreneur that has vested his life as an educator in making a difference in our community and in our children’s lives.


Ray Parris has a special gift that inspires others to realize their full potential. Born in the Virgin Islands and raised by a father that was a drug dealer and a mother that was an educator. As a kid, Ray Parris left his home in St. Croix at age 15 to escape the drug wars his father was caught up in. Afraid of losing her son, Ms. Parris spoke to his art teacher in St. Croix about finding an art program in Miami. He immediately recommended New World School of The Arts. She realized that the arts could help him and save him from crossing over to the dark side of drugs and gangs. Eventually Ray Parris was accepted into New World School of The Arts, in Miami Florida. After residing in Miami for two years, Ray Parris was fortunate to receive a scholarship to a college in Baltimore called the Maryland Institute College of Arts, which eventually returned him to an environment similar to the one he left in St Croix. However, Ray saw this new environment as an opportunity to express his point of view on how to cope with the unavoidable ills of life through his art. Art and entrepreneurship became the platform for this expression.


Today the year has changed to 2013, but the same conditions remains stagnant from 1989. Parafruit Education, Inc. in collaboration with Mr. Broadway has gathered all their resources and joined forces to inject change on 18th Ave. in the Liberty City area. This collaboration has focused its energy on one key element that matters and that is that “wishful thinking is a delusion. Only action and perseverance will bring your dreams to fruition”.





  1.                 The University of West Florida, Career & Tech, 2010
  2.               Maryland Institute College of Arts, Baltimore MD
  3.               Masters of Art Education in Art Teaching (May 1996)

                         Maryland Institute College of Arts, Baltimore MD

  1.                Bachelor of Fine Arts in General Fine Arts (December 1994)
  2.                Miami-Dade Community College, Wolfson Campus 1990-91
  3.                New World School of the Arts, Miami FL.  1990-91




Art Education K-12

ESOL Endorsement

Commercial Arts Certified
NFTE Entrepreneurship Certified Teacher

PhotoShop Certified
Dreamweaver Certified
Ed. Leadership (Currently)




  2. Fine Arts Academy Lead Teacher
  3. Developed, planned, coordinated magnet arts program.
  4. AP Studio Art Instructor
  5. Provided technical training to staff, teachers and students.
  6. Coordinated and initiated FCAT (reading, writing, math) video for school wide improvement.
  7. Served on the SACS Accredited committee for (CD, Booklet information, and Art).
  8. Trained in ESOL strategies.
  9. Developed school-wide yearbook.
  10. Recruited students for magnet programs.
  11. Communicated program requirement for magnet program.
  12. Co-developed and wrote curriculum to help in the aid of moving school from an F to a C in one year.







Quark Express, Adobe CS4, Image ready,

Microsoft, Office XP, Illustrator 10.0, Dreamweaver,

Fireworks, Flash Macromedia, Reason 2.0 Digital

Studio,  Painter program 3.0, Final Cut Pro Video
Editor, Vagas 4.0

Video Editor, Mac Based, Pro Tools Digital Recording, etc.



Digital sound, dramatic lighting & camera angles

Editing, story board and image researching

Graphic Design: Logo design, Layout, illustration,
marketing products

Music production (MAC base program, Digital Performer)


Fine Arts

                     Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking,
Textile, and Mixed Media






North Miami Beach High School, Miami, FL.

Academy Lead Teacher/ AP Drawing, Yearbook Advisor,

Computer Graphic, NFTI Mentor Teacher, 2012-13


North Lauderdale Academy High School, N. Lauderdale, FL.

Magnet Lead Instructor/ AP Drawing, Cinematography,

Computer Graphic, Senior Class Sponsor, 2003-2006


African Heritage Cultural Arts center, Miami, Fl.

Computer Graphics and Video Production 2002-2005


South Miami Senior High Magnet program, Miami, FL.

Fine Arts Instructor and Graphic Arts Instructor 2001-2003.


Miami Dade Community College, Miami FL.

Graphic Design instructor 2003-2004


Carver Center of Art and Technology High school, Balt. MD

Multimedia (Graphic art) instructor and Yearbook 1999-2000.


Save The Seed Academy    1998- 2000


The Community College of Baltimore County Essex Campus

Graphic Art instructor at 2000- 2001

Taught PhotoShop 5.0 and illustrator 8.0


Loch Raven Academy Middle School

Director for the Gifted and Talented Art program 1996-98


Hamilton Middle School, after school program,

Baltimore   MD, Summer 1995


Jemicy School for Children with Dyslexia,

Baltimore   MD, Summer of 1995-97








  •                Harvard business School NFTI Teacher Award. 2009-2010
  •                Local Hero Neighborhood Excellence by Bank of
    America  2009
  •               “Nominated Teacher of the Year” North Miami Beach Sr.
    High, 2008-09
  •               “Teacher Of The Year”  N.L.A.H.S. 2005-2006
  •                Coca Cola “ Art in Harmony” Contest N.L.A.H.S
    students 2005-06
  •               “Florida Pride 2005” State Award Winner N.L.A.H.S
    Student. 2005
  •                Sponebill save the Bird student Contest 2005
  •                The Education Fund Grant “ Art and Issue” 2002
  •               “Veteran Memorial Design” For City of North Lauderdale 2003
  •                Disney Teacher Award 2002-03
  •                Mondawmin Exhibit Award for 1995,1996,1997, and 2000
  •                King Hammond Academic Award for 1995-96
  •                MICA Graduate School Scholarship, MD. 1995-96
  •                Maryland Councilmatic Award 1992-94
  •                Virgin Island Young Artist Award for the Endowment
  •                National Art Recognition Award 1990-91









  •               Parafruit Education Art Show “Building One Block at a
    Time 2013”
  •               Diaspora Vibe Gallery Miami, 2002-2004
  •               Aruba Group Show 2003
  •               Bank of America Exhibit 2002-2003
  •               Sam Roker Gallery Group Exhibition, Miami FL. 2001-2002
  •               Rob Marriott Gallery New York, NY 2002
  •               Catonsville Community College Group Show, MD. 2000
  •               Carver School of the Arts, Teacher Group Show, MD. 2000
  1.                St. Croix USVI Cultural Artist Exhibition, 1998
  •               YMCA Group Exhibition, 1997-98
  •               African-American Mentoring Group Show, MD. 1995
  •               Art Education Group Show, MD. 1995
  •               Eager House Showcase, MD. 1994
  •               Baltimore International Culinary College, Solo show, MD. 1994
  •               Artscape in Baltimore, “Beauty & Dreams” Juried Show 1994






Parafruit Education, Inc. is an established after-school multi-media entrepreneur program with a 21-year history of teaching Technology Arts and Entrepreneurship to children. 
Our mission provides individuals with an opportunity to explore and develop confidence in the Arts and creative outlet through Financial Literacy and Technology. Being a teacher and entrepreneur, I am certain you will agree that quality learning with opportunity plus skills will create and empower young entrepreneurs for the future. However, these creative programs are being eliminated out of our children’s lives and inner cities.


Overall our vision is designed

·       To empower students with the tools to explore

·       To build students technology awareness.

·       To enhance students talents in the arts.