General Safety Rules Test / Car

General Safety Rules

Directions: Study the General Safety Rules below. Once done, please take the test by clicking on the link and entering your test code.

√ Develop a Safe Attitude

• Read and follow all posted safety rules.

• Consider each personʼs safety to be your responsibility.

• Work quietly and give your full attention to the task at hand. Never indulge in horseplay or other

foolish actions.

• Stay out of danger zones as much as possible. These are usually marked with black and yellow

striped tape.

• Put up warning signs on things that are hot and could cause burns.

• Lift with your legs, not your back. Keep your back straight. To keep better control, get help to lift

or move long or heavy items.

• Handle materials with sharp edges and pointed objects carefully.

• Report accidents to your teacher at once.

√ Have Respect for Tools and Equipment

• Never use any tool or machine until the teacher has shown you how to use it and has checked the


• Before you use any tool or machine, make sure you know the safety rules and make sure you get

your teacherʼs permission.

• Use equipment only when the teacher is in the lab.

• Do not let others distract you while you use a machine.

• Do not use electrical tools or equipment if the cord or plug is damaged.

• Always use the right tool for the job. The wrong tool could injure you or damage the part you are

working on.

• To avoid injury, use the right machine guard for the job. Check with your teacher for the

appropriate guard.

• Keep hands and fingers away from all moving parts.

• Before you leave a machine, turn it off and wait until it stops. If you are finished, clean the

machine and the area around it.

• When you have finished working, return all tools and unused supplies to their proper places.

√ Prevent and Control Fires

• Store oily rags in a closed metal container to prevent fire.

• Know where the nearest fire extinguisher is and how to use it.

√ Wear Appropriate Clothing and Protective Equipment

• Always wear eye protection. Special eye protection may be needed for some activities, such as

using a laser, welding, or using chemicals.

• Wear hard shoes or boots with rubber soles.

• Use ear protection near loud equipment.

• Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, or other items that could get caught in machinery.

Tie back long hair.

• Do not wear gloves while operating power tools.

√ Have Respect for Hazardous Materials and Waste

• Products with major health risks should have a material safety data sheet (MSDS) available. Ask

your teacher about the MSDS before you use materials that may be hazardous. Know how to read

the MSDS.

• Other common chemicals will have safety information on the labels. Check the labels of materials

before you use them.

• Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with hazardous materials.

• Work in a well-ventilated area.

• Follow your teacherʼs instructions for disposal of hazardous materials and waste.

√ Maintain the Lab

• Keep the work area clean. Keep the floor and aisles clean at all times.

• If a liquid is spilled, clean it up immediately as instructed by the teacher.

• Always use a brush, not your hands, to clean dry materials from a table or piece of equipment.

• Store all materials properly.


Safety Test 1

Access Code AT2W


Please take notes on the tools that you will be using. You must us powerpoint to take notes and

create a presentation on the following video below. Powerpoint must have the following:

  1. Team name
  2. 3 thumbnail sketch- depicts the design concept
  3. Finish Drawing with color concept
  4. Prototype Pictures of you working on your car
  5. Potential Energy (weight x Height) = kinetic Energy (1/2 mass x speed2 ) plus Friction (Heat Air, etc)
  6. Presentation of car and Competition.
  7. Must have great notes in your journal moving forward.Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.11.50 AM