STEM Corner


Lesson Plan Template

  1. lesson Plan template STEM LESSON Plan GUIDE
  2. STEM School Wide Planning template  STEM School Wide Planning


  1. Powerpoint Resources: STEM PD Presentation: stem pd
  2. Who to guide for teachers STEAM-Lesson-Plan-Template-and-Instructions-5July16
  3. Students PowerPoint Guide STEM Students Powerpoint
  4. TEN80 Pitch Guide / Rubric: Ten80 pitch
  5. Ten80 Handbook:Ten80 NSL Handbook 2018-19

    Display STEM Corner files that can be printed. If you need something printed please stop by my room an I can print in color.

Parris Sample Lesson and Example of work

  1. TEN80 Race Car Challenge STEM School Wide Planning-2
  2. Sample Lesson Parris Parris STEM LESSON Engineering _ tech
  3. Student  example work STEM Engineering Design.pptx
    Trojan Malware- STEM Engineering Design DOC (2).pptx